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May 27th 2017
Debbie is such a great girlfriend and very
understanding.  But even SHE is finding it hard
to understand your EFRO fetish.  In this clip she is
giving you the BLOW JOB of a lifetime while dropping
A BIG PILE in the toilet!  You have a CONFESSION to
make to her.. the other day she was rushing to leave
the house in the morning and she forgot to flush the
toilet after her morning dump... she asks you did you
enjoy it before you flushed it and you must admit to
her YOU ATE HER SHIT!  She is confused and asks
also adds "you are a very sick man"  BUT being
the good gf that she is she keeps SLOBBING on your
KNOB and even let's you see the pile she made for you!
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May 20th 2017
Watch one of Debbies BIGGEST DUMPS YET!
Served up nicely for you on a silver platter!
Actually it's a plastic container.. but you get
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May 13th 2017
Tabz could barely make it to the toilet to drop
so cute and girly sitting there.  I love the faces
she makes when she is pushing out this MONSTER!
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May 6th 2017
Brapp Gurl is just the type of girl that I LOVE!
Sweet, innocent looking, girly and feminine but
will get NASTY to please her man!  Lot's of "dirty" talk!
"do you want me to get 'dirty' for you!"
"I am preparing a special dinner"
"are you ready to see my brownies"
"now.. I want you to eat my sh*t!"
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APRIL 29th 2017
Once again Tabz was out and about and her
stomach started BLOWING UP!  She had to
find the nearest bathroom so she could drop
a MEGA-LOAD!  Check out this very PUBLIC PILE UP!
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APRIL 21st 2017
The Turd Nuggets were definitely
flying in this one!  They were coming
outta that round ass and a very nice
rate and causing a big SPLASH in the bowl!
Brapp Gurl is back at it again showing the world
for sure that she is a "2 Way Player"
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APRIL 14th 2017
Tabitha REALLY HAD TO GO in this one!
Hanging out with her friends, shopping and
having fun and having a BIG LUNCH!  Then
suddenly the urge hit her and she had to hit
the closest restroom she could find.  So what
was the end result... TWO GIGANTIC LOGS!!!
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APRIL 7th 2017
Brapp Gurl is SO GOOD at "talking dirty"
"Are you ready for your dinner?"
"Are you ready to see my brownies?"
"You like how my farts smell?
"You like how my brownies smell?"
"Now I want you to lick my dirty ass clean"
On top of all this sexy talk she is FILLING THE BOWL
full of BIG... HARD... brownie bites!!!  She doesn't want
you to just EAT the brownies.. don't forget to LICK THE BOWL!
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March 29th 2017
I LOVE THIS GIRL!  This is Ivy... "Poison" Ivy.
She makes HUGE brownies!  Her ass is SO ROUND!
Her body is slim and toned and she is BEAUTIFUL!
In this clip her LOGS were dropping really FAST
and FURIOUS and she left a BIG PILE.  COME SEE!
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March 22nd 2017
Tabitha makes great fart videos!
She got some nice candid ones and
some GREAT face fart videos!  She is
coming along nicely but I must say I
was TAKEN BACK by how good her FIRST
TOILET CLIP is!  I was totally SHOCKED!
She went to a PUBLIC TOILET and really
UNLOADED a MEGA DUMP and she got
it all on tape for us!  Ladies and Gentlemen
A STAR IS BORN!  See her farts on theLEGIONofPlume.com
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March 15th 2017
She is already an AWESOME fart model now she is
ready to make a SPLASH into the toilet world!  And
that she did!  After PLOPPING OUT these BIG HARD TERDS
you can see by the picture she was SPLASHING all over the
place!  Even her ass got wet as you can see in the pic!
And we also get a nice FLASH of that round sweet ass!
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March 8th 2017
My Honey Bear Debbie says I act like a jerk
sometimes and that I am too DEMANDING when
it comes to asking for a BLOW JOB.  She promised
to give me the BEST HEAD EVER but I had to stand
there while she takes a MASSIVE DUMP and smell
it while she give me a HUMMER!  She is on some
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT trip right now but I went
along with it.. and secretly I LOVED it! (POV HEAVEN)
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March 1st 2017
The Black Mamba is a HUGE, LONG
thick black snake that is very TOXIC
and DANGEROUS!  Well this is EXACTLY
like that but it is BROWN! and OH MY!
Look at that ass it's coming out of?!
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FEBRUARY 22nd 2017
Debbie shows off her HUGE ASS.. plops it
down, drops a MASSIVE load, wipes her
butt really good.. looks down at her goodies
and utters 3 words... "Its really BIG"
DD is back with a LARGE present!  Wanna See?
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FEBRUARY 15th 2017
In this clip you can hear her BIG LOAD
crackling and popping as it slides outta her
big ass!  She sits there calmly as she EMPTIES
HER INSIDES then shows you the damage at the end!
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FEBRUARY 8th 2017
First of all I would like to say she looks amazing
sitting on her throne.  Hot thick body and BALLON
boobies!  Lots of loud KER PLUNCK plopping noises!
Lots of great sites and sounds!  And a peek in the end!
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Well it looks like  Chastity is building a log cabin
because she just produced 2 GIGANTIC LOGS!
By the looks of these first to logs it's gonna be
a BIG ASS CABIN!  Toilet freeks.. take a peek!!
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JANUARY 24th 2017
WOW!  I forgot how good Chastity is at making
toilet clips!  She makes LOUD SOUNDS!  You can hear
ALL of those GIGANTIC LOGS plopping into the bowl!
It reminds me of 2006 when toilet clips were so good that
you didn't even need to see anything to feel satisfied!  But
guess what.. it is 2017 so you get to HEAR it and SEE it!
Toilet lovers and Efro lovers you GOTTA SEE THIS!
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JANUARY 17th 2017
Debbie is tired of your "demands".   You asked her
for a blow job and she is just NOT in the mood today!
But she is willing to make a deal with you.  You want
your dick sucked that bad then you have to come in
the bathroom with her as she takes a MONSTER SHIT!
That's right.. you want falacio then you must endure
her GIGANTIC CORN LOAD!  And when I say Gigantic
I am not lying.. Debbie Debb took the "biggest shit
of her life!"  You heard it PLOPPING loudly.. you
smelled it and she even SWALLOWED YOUR LOAD
just before she showed you this BEAST in the bowl!
and yes you can see the CORN for yourself!!!!
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JANUARY 11th 2017
OMG my poor baby DD REALLY
HAD TO GO!  She barely made it to the
toilet and when the brownies started
flowing they really EXPLODED out of
that BIG ROUND brownie maker!  DD
really knows how to FILL UP THE BOWL!

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JANUARY 4th 2017
She SLOBS on my cock and balls while she takes
a GIGANTIC PLOPPY DUMPER in the toilet!  It's so
LOUD you can hear the SPLASHING as she deep throats
my cock!  She tells me its the BIGGEST DICK she has ever
seen!  She pauses to push out more BROWNIES then goes
back to the BEST BLOWJOB EVER!  She talks about how she
is FILLING UP THE TOILET and how bad it SMELLS until I
UNLOAD MY SOUL into her mouth!  And of course she shows

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DECEMBER 27th 2016
For starters we get a nice look at her
BIG ROUND brownie maker!  Then she
sits down to go about her business and
after that it is time to EXAMINE this HUGE
specimen!  Are you ready for the EXAM?!

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DECEMBER 20th 2016
Holy Shit that nerdy girl I have been staying
with is SUCH A FREEK!  She seen me watching
some toilet clip porn and she agreed to let me
watch her take a MASSIVE DUMP!  Not only that
she gave me the BEST BLOWJOB EVER while
she was dropping her BIG STINKY LOAD!  It
was so LOUD!  You could hear her BROWNIES
plopping and SPLASHING in the water as she
slobbed on my nob!  She even looked into the
bowl and said WHOA, there is a lot of SHIT in
there!  She talked about how bad it smelled
the whole time and how she thought it was
"cute" that I got so turned on!  Then at the
This is an AMAZING POV toilet fart fantasy!
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DECEMBER 13th 2016

Two different "disturrbed" women.. two different
styles.  TWO MEGA LOADS!  2 GOOD 2 MISS!

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DECEMBER 6th 2016

flowing from that gigantic cake made for
a very NOISEY and PLOPPY toilet video!
She puts the POP in PLOP!!!

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NOVEMBER 30th 2016

Disturrbed Sara is still around!  She wanted
to make sure no one forgets her so she turned
in a couple of MEGA dumping trips to the bathroom
and LEFT HER MARK!  in more ways than one!!

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NOVEMBER 21st 2016

When I watched this video there were three
distinct things that stuck out to me...
1.  A HUGE explosion!
2.  Corn... a LOT of corn!
3. OMG look at how big and
PLUMP her butt is!!  Dayuuum!
So there you are.. I am proud to present
"Explosive Corn Butt"

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NOVEMBER 16th 2016

Holy Shit it looks like she made A WHOLE PAN!
and when I say A BIG PAN OF BROWNIES....

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NOVEMBER 8th 2016

OMG!  the way she is dropping these BIG, THICK
LOGS she is not only going to FILL UP THE
ENTIRE TOILET BOWL but she will soon be
"above the rim".   Love that new angle too!

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Just like last week.. no need for
a big long description.  It's just
a new hottie with a HUGE ass
taking a BIG, SLOPPY DUMP!

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OCTOBER 25th 2016

Ok.. I am not going to sit here and
try to come up with a specific description.
It's just a hot babe with a nice ass dropping

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OCTOBER 17 2016
The loads this babe is dropping
will surely break the toilet!  Big,
LONG, THICK LOGS! that just
keep coming and coming and coming!
Baby.. you can break my toilet anytime!!
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OCTOBER 10 2016
This mystery babe takes the BIGGEST
MONSTER DUMP that I have seen in a
very long time!  This is her first clip
for us and after seeing this MEGA LOAD
I promise you boo boo you will be seeing
many MANY more!  But the question still
remains...  WHO DAT IS?!?!?!
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Judy Boom-Bastic is literally the BIGGEST
thing happening in fart fetish right now!  So
of course her toilet clips are what the toilet
lovers are waiting for! So what are they like
you ask?  All I can say is ... HUGE RUMP
HUGE DUMP!  This is a MUST SEE!!
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2 Great scenes.. In one EXPLOSIVE diarriah
and the other A GIANT 12 FOOT TERD!  
Ok, ok not 12 feet but that bad boy had to be
12 inches!  And YOU get to see it all by joining this site!
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I did something special... I pulled an AMAZING
older clip from America from my vault and paired
it with a brand new clip from Sara in this.. a battle
of toilet talents!  USA vs EUROPE in an epic
BIG POOP BATTLE!  Who is going to win?!?!?
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There are several bathroom visits in this
toilet compilation and each time She left
She has been eating a LOT lately and really filling
up that toilet of hers!  Each time leaving "a puddle of mud!"
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I don't know what she has been eating all
week but it was a LOT!  When you take
dumps that are THIS BIG you are most
certainly going to leave STAINS in your toilet!
Let's hope she has a good cleaning brush!  Because
these are the BIGGEST LOADS she has ever dropped!
4 bathroom scenes you will never forget!!
This site will now be updated weekly!
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In this series of toilet visits Sexy Sara really fills up the
toilet bowl!  She must have really ate a lot this week
because she cannot stop POOPING!  Every time she
thinks she is done more comes out... then more after
that.. and so on and so forth!  I constant barrage of plops!
And with proof of your subscription you can get the UC version!
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It's been a hot summer and Jenn
has been drinking tons of BEER!
If you are a beer drinker then you know
what comes every morning after a day
of beer drinking.... BEER SHITS!  Well
Jenn has taped a weeks worth for you
and you will be astounded at how this girl
EXPLOSIVE chocolate THUNDER coming
out of the big round ass and you get to see
ALL OF IT as it sits here piled up in the bowl!
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Goddess Jenn no longer has a tight butt hole!
To get these THICK, MASSIVE LOGS out of her
body her asshole most certainly had to STRETCH
out to set them free!  SHE REALLY FILLS UP THE
TOILET IN THIS ONE!  This is one of her best
toilet clips so far!  This is MUST SEE MATERIAL!
(alternative version available with proof of
subscription just email us for the UC version)
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Angela Calls her BIG MOUNDS OF POOOP
"brownies" so I thought I would go with that!
This is her first BAT MAN video where she is
showing ALL THE GOODIES!  Her big round
butt in all your favorite poses droppin' some
MEGA LOADS..... GGG STYLE!  Who wants
Brownies?!  (alternative version available with
proof of subscription just email us for the UC version)
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Angela Candy is definitely a "2 way Player"
In this update she is ripping LONG, BELLOWING
toilet farts that ECHO IN THE TOILET BOWL over
and over again!  Some of them quite wet!  She looks
so sexy sitting there and her ass is so round!  This
is a must see for toilet fart lovers!

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Dropping Apples for us means simply...
A super hot girl taking a MONSTER dump!
Who's hotter than Disturrbed Sara?  Exactly
She is so pretty.... her ass is so plump and
round... nice thick toned legs... the site of
her dropping this CARGO will drive you WILD!
All my toilet lovers.. your dream has finally
come true!  Join DroppingApples.com Now!
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I told Sexy Samantha to record every fart she ripped for a week!
So she did just that!  While watching tv.... FAAARRRRT!  While
reading a book....... FAAARRRRT!  While texting a friend...FARRRT!
Very simple, very action packed clip with ZERO lag between farts!
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The video I had planned for this update
became corrupted so I had to post
something else.  I decided to put KT
on here because she is closest to the style
of model that has been on this site.  Models
The theme is simple... LONG BELLOWING FARTS
broken up into smaller consistent puffs of stinky
air!  Kinky Kristi used to do this idea for me so
I asked KT to do it.  Imagine laying behind this
HUGE ass while 10 smaller farts blow into your
face over and over again.  Face farts.... "back 2 back"
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This is one famous booty in fart fetish but until now
Big Booty Panties has not been known for fantastic farts.
To be a "C World Girl" you have to be strong in all of
the important areas and BBP knows that so she has been
loading up on MEGA gas producing foods in order to
produce her biggest farts yet!  I never thought "loud fart"
and BBP would ever be mentioned in the same sentence.
You have to see this to believe this!

It's no secret that I am a butt man and for the most part
C World Sites could also be considered websites
for ass lovers as well.  Over the now almost 11
years of doing this I have definitely come across
some nice big farting rumps and I definitely have my all favs!
Sarah Big Butt from Germany,  Berlin, Sophie U. Luv
Lexxxi Lockhart, Pinky XXX and of course Bossy Delilah.
I have also always been fascinated by "Big Booty Panties"
and her HUGE, THICK ass!  So of all the amazing
farting booties over the years BBP is on my own
personal Mount RushMore of big ol butts!  This
is come of the best content she has put out... EVER!

My favorite thing about watching
Sophie's videos is her ENORMOUS BUTT!
My favorite type of body type, almost
pear shaped and she really knows how to
pose that BIG OL BOOTY!  I love the way
her farts sound too.. long and "gusty"!
The kind of fart where you know it had
to of stunk just by the way it sounds!
This clip is loaded with farts that sound
like that and she has the ASS of all ASSES!
If you are a big booty lover and a big fart
lover than this video is a MUST SEE!

They way Sophie is ripping these long, bellowing
farts her cute panties are most certainly going to be
RUINED!  You will love the way these farts sound.
So robust and deep!  So long and of course her
ass is PLUMP and being posed just the way you like!

I have been waiting YEARS to get Sophie to do a
toilet video.. well that day has come!  Her big round
ass looked SO SEXY sitting on the toilet and the farts
were so BIG, DEEP AND VIOLENT this has got to
be one of the best toilet farting videos I have ever seen!
And YES.. oh yes.. apples were being dropped as well!

You will love the way these farts RUMBLE out
of Sophie's big jean-cladded ass!  The poses
the facial expressions it's all there but what
you will really love is the DEEP, BUBBLY
TUBA that Sophie Sylvan has stuck up her
ass!  This is the jean fart clip the whole
world has been waiting for!!  Join Now!!

To be on one of the 7 solo sites of C World
You have to be one of the top 7 fart models
in the world!  In this clip Sophie shows us
why she is one of the best ever!  LONG,
gusty farts.. HUGE round booty, sexy
poses, lots of action and most importantly
NOBODY is better when it comes to the sexy
facial expressions when letting out those long
MONSTER farts!  When you watch Sophie you
are watching one of the best.. one of the


Sophie U. Luv has taken the reigns
of DroppingApples.com and this
newest update is a MUST SEE!  I personally
luv it when a girl dresses in "business attire"
sits on a pillow and rips DEEP MUFFLED farts
and then gets up, walks over to the camera
and let's you sniff her big round ass in her
tight dress slacks!  Mmmmmm.   Yea. that's
it.  Sometimes I gotta do something for me
ya know!  So this is what I like to see and if
you are just like me then you GOTTA SEE THIS!
Her facial expressions.. the way the farts sound..
the way her ass looks in the tight slacks...
It is ALL going to drive you totally insane!!

Watching Sophie U. Luv. fart in loose
fitting summer dresses is one of my
all time favorite things to do!  These
farts were so HUGE AND LONG she
practically moved the dress each time
with her powerful gas!  And I LOVE the
facial expressions she makes when she
is letting them go!  That's right Apple
Bottomed Alice was late on her update
so it's "next woman up" here at C World!

These are the farts that we as fart lovers lay down every night and
DREAM about! DEEP, long MULTI-TONED rippers!  
Long BUBBLERS!  Bassy MOANERS!  Wet Wispy Ones!!!
Add in the fact that her ass looks SO BIG, SO ROUND, SO AMAZIING!
These are some of the GREATEST FARTS EVER RIPPED!
Join DroppingApples.com Right now!  Don't miss this!!

We have been wanting to work with Alice again
for a long time and this update IS A MUST SEE!
The goal was to shoot a nice candid fart video
but it ended up turning into THE BIG BOOTY FART SHOW!
Jeans, panties, spandex... but most jeans... and some of
the BIGGEST, LONGEST, BUBBLIEST farts ever filmed!
She even brought out the "girls" for us!  This video is
girl fart 101, it is EVERYTHING you love about fart
videos and more!  So pop some popcorn and get ready
to enjoy the "Big Booty Fart Show"