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From the company that coined the phrase "droppin' apples"
way back in 2005 C World Entertainment is very proud to
introduce to you DroppingApples.com



DROPPING APPLEZ again!  In this custom fantasy, your girlfriend warns you that she has really bad gas this morning and they smell a lot worse than they usually do! So be warned when you put your face in there!

DROPPING APPLEZ again! part 4-  Santana is back at it in TIGHT JEANS! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and with a sexy sigh of relief after every drawn out blast!

part 3- DROPPING APPLEZ and droppin' gemz! your step-mom has a present for you... she is going to place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

DROPPING APPLEZ and sexy morning farts your STEP-MOM is taunting you and teasing you about HOW BIG her ass is and farting in your face so you can bury your face in it!

when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is playing with herself! in this POV fantasy you and Fennixx are enjoying each other while laying on the bed.  You are eating her pussy FROM THE BACK and also EATING HER ASSHOLE as she pushes out LOUD EXPLOSIVE farts into your mouth and nose!  she really loves the way it feels!  you are doing a great job!

the QOF has been gaining weight! and when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is farting like crazy! her ass is getting HUGE! that thing is as WIDE AS ALL OUTSIDE! and in her BRAND NEW JEANS these farts are sounding extra LONG AND BUBBLY!!

when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is making classic clips.. another NEW DAKOTA RAIN! .. in this CUSTOM FANTASY you and your STEP-SISTER Dakota  are hanging out when she asks you to sniff her fart she does not care that you are her STEP-BRO and she tells you she won't tell your STEP-MOM

when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is farting in your face!  sticking that HUGE ASS right on your nose Rocsi has to warn you that her LOUD LONG FARTS are EXTRA STINKY today!

PART 3!  when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is making classic fart clips! Fennixx is once again ripping ONCE IN A LIFE TIME type farts! she tells you... "get behind me now so I can blow this FUCKING THUNDER all in your face!" THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!!

when she is not DROPPING APPLEZ she is dropping classic fart movies! THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!! POWERFUL FARTS THAT JIGGLE HER ASS CHEEKS!  Fennixx is back! and with some of the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  the queen is fucking BACK!

THIS IS THE CLIP THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!  it's always hot when girls are DROPPING APPLEZ and the PEAR SHAPED PRINCESS really had to go this morning!  BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOOOM!
Rocsi knows you get turned on when girls fart!  she reminds you that she as been holding them in all day for you!

Watch sexy Santana move her dress all around with LONG TUBA FARTS some of them 15 seconds some of them TWENTY FIVE seconds! see the preview pic??? that thang MOVIN'!

RIPPING LONG BUBBLY FARTS IN YOUR FACE Rocsi directs you to "get down on your knees and place your nose between my cheeks"  this is SUPER HOT ONE! 

Rocsi your STEP MOTHER tells you--

"I will never tell any one. this is our special game.... now sniff that fucking fart... bury your whole face in it... I love the way it feels" "sniff it... it's ok .. no one will ever know" "I know it stinks but you can handle it" "sniff right where the fart is coming out, can you feel the warm air on your nose?"

Rocsi has some of her BEST farts in the morning... right after her coffee... and she is ready to BLAST YOU AWAY!  so come on over and get on your knees!


"sniff it.. put your nose in my big soft butt.. isn't my butt so soft?" "sniff that fart. the smell will stay for a long time in my panties.. bury your nose in that fart.. my ass will be a big stinky pillow for you tonight.. so get ready to sniff them all night"

THESE FARTS ARE IN THE 20 SECOND RANGE! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants while her ass is buried into a stack of pillows for that SEXY MUFFLED SOUND effect we love so much!  then she brings her ass over to you so you can bury your face into her SOFT BIG BOOTY! THIS IS PART 2!

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were DEEP AND MUFFLED.  BASSY.. kinda like that SELENA LOCA sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds! this can also be seen on DROPPING APPLE S

after ripping LONG BRITNEY MOORE TYPE BLASTS ALL OVER YOUR FACE she also tells you! "Put your nose over my fucking asshole, that's it! right there! don't you fucking move!" THIS IS PART 2!

You must be punished for being a very "bad boy".  You must get on your knees, get in the closet and INHALE Fennixx's RAUNCHY STINKY GAS for the rest of the day! that will teach you not to disappoint her! PART 2!

WATCH BIG BOOTY MODEL FENNIXX break her HUGE LONG farts down into SMALLER more powerful farts and blast your nose with what had to be at least 100 farts!  her naked ass makes it easier to get CLOSER to your nose!

Fennix has put on some weight.. and you have teased her about it.. she is PISSED! and for your punishment  she decides to place her all new SELENA LOCA SIZED ASS right on your face and fart on your nose till it fucking MELTS OFF!!!!


ONCE AGAIN FENNIXX wants you to JERK OFF for her!  she pushes out a LONG DEEP TROMBONE FARTS!  she then "instructs" you how she wants you to stroke your cock.. first slow.. then faster..then she farts again... BRUMMMMMPPPHHH and rips another TUBA fart... her ass right in your face ... PERRRRRRRRNNNNT! all the while telling you to stroke your cock!  then at the end when you are READY TO EXPLODE she drops to her knees so you can UNLOAD YOUR CUM right into her mouth!!! 

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!  Santana shows you EXACTLY what she would do if your nose was BURIED IN HER CHEEKS while she farted DEEP "BRUMMMPH" SOUNDING farts up your nose... SHE SAYS THESE SEXY THINGS TO YOU AFTER EVERY FART---

"fuck they smell just like rotten eggs... how can you stand that?? this whole house smells like eggs... the smell is so strong! get your nose in between my ass.. that's it.. sniff it.. smell that fart! I know you are loving it because they really stink today! bury your face in there"


"don't move.. stay right there (fart) oh yea.. that's it (fart) fuck they feel so good coming out (fart) don't move ..don't move... keep your nose right there (fart) oh fuck yes"

she is making sexual noises.. she is REALLY enjoying farting in your face! again she says..

"yea.. yea... oh yea... ohhhhhhhh... yes baby, right there.. don't move don't move.. (fart)"

YET AGAIN....SANTANA REDD, your smoking hot roommate, has just informed you that she CANNOT pay her part of the rent this month.. but She will let you sniff ALL OF HER FARTS FOR ONE WEEK STRAIGHT, if you let her slide on the rent AGAIN this month.  well OF COURSE you said yes!  and these farts were BASSY!

Debbie gets turned on when you watch her take a MEGA DUMP.  She gets even more turned on when you eat her ass as soon as she gets of the toilet from taking a MEGA DUMP.  so after all of those LOUD PLOPS she brings her asshole over to you so you can finish cleaning her up like human toilet paper!

Nicole just BLEW THE TOILET UP!  watch her take a loud FARTY diarrhea that is very explosive then EAT HER ASS right after she is done!  oh you nasty boi!!

Your HIP HOP PARTY GIRL Nicole just got home from the club and she is still dancing around and having fun.. but she really has to use the toilet now!  so you go in to keep her company.. and OF COURSE you lick, eat and taste her ass as soon as she is finished dropping that MASSIVE DUMP cuz weirdly that is your thing!

You will hear her ENTIRE INSIDES empty into the toilet bowl and after she is finished she bring her DIRTY ASS over to you so you can FINISH CLEANING IT with your hungry tongue!